Secluded Getaways for Couples

A secluded Smoky Mountain cabin in Cosby, Tennessee is a perfect place to stay for newly married couples or couples looking for romance. The Sunrise Log Cabin is directly in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountains. Even though the cabin is secluded, you'll still be near area attractions. Couples can enjoy sitting on front and back covered porches while eating their meals and looking at the magnificent view. The master bedroom in this cabin is secluded and has a 2-person Jacuzzi. You can find more information at http://www.toe/smokymountainlogcabins.com/cabin.htm

Secluded Smoky Mountain cabins for couples looking for a quiet getaway are also located in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee. These cabins are perfect for honeymooners with choices of cabins in private, secluded, and wooded settings. There are other private Gatlinburg honeymoon cabins located right in the Smokies that are private and designed specifically for couples in love. You can fish, swim, or hike near these cabins. info@mountainmagiccabins.com

Townsend, Tennessee has many cabin rentals in the peaceful area of the Smokies. There are 1-2 bedrooms if you want a romantic honeymoon getaway. Mountain Charm Cabin Rentals are great for a Smoky Mountain vacation. There are many different types of cabins such as honeymoon, secluded, or large capacity cabins. You can visit area attractions or just relax on the deck. Hidden Mountain Resorts are located in Sevierville, Tennessee. There are two exclusive locations in the peacefulness of the Smokies. These Smoky Mountain cabins are for couples, families, and friends.

For a secluded getaway, there are cabins at Fourpeaks in the Adirondack Wilderness. These cabins are so secluded that there aren't any people or buildings close by. There are 700 acres of wilderness and 20 miles of hiking trails. You'll be surrounded by four mountains and scenic views. There are seven cabins altogether, but they are different in levels of seclusion. There is a seclusion index on the website to help you decide. You can also take an on-line tour of all the backcountry camps. This is an ideal place for couples that want to spend time only with each other. http://4peaks.com/f_secluded_cabins.htm

Secluded Beaches And Islands

Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean are a beautiful place to go for romance. The sister islands called Cayman Brac and Little Cayman have secluded beaches where couples can take long walks and enjoy the beauty of nature. Another gorgeous secluded getaway is at Kawela Bay on Oahu in Hawaii. Lush tropical forests border the narrow secluded beach.

Secluded island vacations for couples are a wonderful way for them to be alone. Yasawa Island Resort in Fiji has white sand beaches and 16 bungalows where you'll definitely find the seclusion you're looking for. There are deluxe beachfront bures that are completely private and secluded among palm trees at the far end of the beach. Couples can take walks on the beautiful beaches surrounded by blue water. For those couples that enjoy water sports, there is scuba diving and snorkeling. Secluded beaches are all around the island for relaxing and sunbathing.

Turtle Island in Fiji is the perfect place for couples to go on a secluded island vacation. Conde Nast Traveler described Turtle Island as hyper-romantic. There are 14 private beaches where couples can have a romantic wedding or celebrate and enjoy being together. Eight of these beaches are used for picnics. You can also have a moonlit seaside dinner. http://www.turtlefiji.com/honeymoons/

Secluded Getaways And Cottages

Bora Bora of the Tahiti Islands is a secluded getaway for couples. The island is peaceful with a romantic atmosphere. Bora Bora has the nickname of Romantic Island. The Palawan Islands in the Philippines is a romantic secluded getaway or vacation. Palawan is one of the secluded islands that's popular for honeymoon couples. Amanpulo Resort has complete privacy with its own private island named Palalican.

For secluded getaways in the United States, there are Colorado Creek Side Cabins outside of Idaho Springs, Colorado. The Colorado Creek Side Cabins are surrounded by national forests. There are many things to do, such as mountain biking, hiking, birding, and fishing. Southern Ontario is another beautiful and romantic getaway for couples. This area is called Ontario cottage country. A small town in Ontario named Cobourg is a great place for a getaway.

There are secluded beach cottages for couples at many different beaches and vacation areas. There is a private Kaluakai beach cottage located on Kepuhui Beach in Molakai, Hawaii. This cottage can be used as a secluded getaway for families and couples. www.molokai-beach-rental.com/ Hermitage Bay is a resort that offers visitors a secluded hideaway. There are 25 suites, and eight are beachfront cottages that are completely private. There is a honeymoon package available. If couples stay longer then 10 nights, the honeymoon package is free Hermitage Bay is only 20 minutes from St. Johns, the capital of Antigua.

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