Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico is an exciting time of year and many vacationers choose to travel to Mexico to bask in the myriad Mexican traditions that surround the holiday. From fantastic foods, to exciting things to do and see, Mexico offers the vacationer the opportunity to experience the ultimate getaway: one that is unforgettable, memorable, and fun.

Christmas in Mexico Opportunities

Christmas in Mexico is referred to as Navidad, and the vacationer that stays in Mexico during the Christmas season gets the opportunity to partake in a number of different Mexican Christmas traditions. Some Mexican traditions surrounding Christmas are also found in the states; for example, many families like to set up attractive nativity scenes in their front yards. Meanwhile, a period of processions and celebrations are had in Mexico long before the big Christmas day arrives. Christmas Eve is referred to as Nocha Buenas, and is the evening when many Mexican families attend an evening Mass, which, in turn, is followed up by feasting and festivities.

Reenactments of the moment when Christ is born is another Mexican Christmas tradition and plays are often performed in Mexico that relate to such a theme. Meanwhile, many shops throughout Mexico sell unique and attractive Christmas crafts, and vacationers love the opportunity to shop for extremely special gifts for loved ones while in Mexico. Piņatas are also a favorite Mexican tradition, and candy filled piņatas are often offered at Christmas parties and the like. In addition, Poinsettias, a popular Christmas flower, are plants that are native to regions of Mexico. For more information about the numerous Christmas in Mexico traditions, visit:

Christmas Food in Mexico and Other Culinary Delights

Christmas food in Mexico gives the vacationer every opportunity to sample the very best in terms of Mexican culinary offerings. Everything from red tamales, to Corn Masa Pockets, from Shredded Beef to Corditas con Carne Deshebrada is served up for Christmas dinner in Mexico. Hot chocolate is a popular holiday drink and more traditional dinners are available like turkey, roast beef, or ham dinners. When it comes to hot chocolate in Mexico, the drink is often mixed with ingredients like corn flour and cinnamon to create the Christmas holiday favorite: champurrado. Champurrado is the Spanish word for cocktail; recipes vary, but often include corn dough (also called masa), hot water, milk, Mexican chocolate, piloncillo, molasses, and aniseeds.
Christmas food in Mexico and Christmas dinners in particular are sometimes finished off with a dessert known as Buņuelos. Buņuelos is a word that translates as buns and the Buņuelos recipe consists of flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, butter, and frying oil. A dough is formed from the majority of the ingredients, kneaded, separated into small ball-like units, and fried. In some instances, the Buņuelos are covered with cinnamon and sugar to sweeten the dessert.
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Christmas Holiday in Mexico Vacation Packages

Mexico's climate can get cold during the Christmas months and it is particularly cold in the months of December, January, and February. The latter should be kept in mind when planning a Christmas holiday in Mexico. Meanwhile, vacationers considering a Christmas holiday in Mexico can instantly take advantage of the numerous holiday packages offered by different travel companies. Via Christmas holiday in Mexico vacation packages, visitors of Mexico can handle and establish accommodations and travel arrangements with ease.

Some vacationers take advantage of the numerous vacation rentals throughout the region each Christmas season. For example, vacationers can often be spotted in the region of Baja California Sur enjoying all that the Christmas season offers visitors of Mexico. In Baja California Sur there are plenty of vacation condos as well as villas open for rentals, and the prime time to visit is in mid December until the end of December. There are also a number of fine hotels available to vacationers seeking extraordinary accommodations.
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There are a number of different Mexican cities that attract repeat vacationers each and every year. Places like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabos San Lucas, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Mexico City, and Acapulco are amazingly popular tourist destinations, not only during Christmas, but all year round. The latter cities, like Baja California Sur, are filled with a fine selection of accommodations and an incredible number of recreational pursuits for vacationer to pursue during their stay in Mexico.

Daytrips and guided tours are offered in many of the major cities in Mexico, and the rich history that Mexico has also means that it is a location filled to the brim with historically significant site-seeing opportunities. Museums, architecture, and historical districts await the eager Mexican vacation explorer! Sometimes there are street parties in Mexico too: this is particularly true when the Christmas season commences. Finally, cultural events, festivals, and carnivals are schedule on a regular basis in many Mexican cities; with all the things available to do and see in Mexico, there can be little doubt that a Mexican holiday will prove to be the ultimate getaway experience, no matter what time of year one visits.

Christmas in Mexico Deals

Mexico has become a well-known travel destination for spring breaks and vacation getaways, but a seasonal vacation that is sometimes over looked in this vibrant North American vacation spot is Christmas in Mexico. Part of enjoying your Christmas in Mexico is having a full experience with how the Mexican people celebrate this time of year. Aspects such as Christmas food in Mexico, and the different ways in which towns and cities celebrate the holiday, can all play a factor in which areas you decide to visit.

An Oaxacan Christmas In Mexico

Oaxaca, Mexico is known as one of the top travel destinations for a Christmas holiday in Mexico. For culture buffs that are interested in delving into the Mexican culture at this festive time of year, there are culture tours to Oaxaca provided for tourists during the Christmas season. Sites such as Journeys International and Info Hub Specialty Travel Guide provide such tours for travelers seeking to explore the Oaxacan culture. The cultural traditions in this colonial city come alive at Christmas. Religious festivals in the street, also known as Posadas, are common during the Christmas holiday in Mexico. You will be astounded by the Mexican art, the Oaxacan Cathedrals, and city architecture which all play a part in the celebrations. From the nighttime displays of Radish sculptures made by the local people of Oaxaca, to the pilgrimages that run from the middle of December, an Oaxacan Christmas in Mexico is an intriguing journey.


During the Christmas season, there are travel deals that include hotel, accommodation, and guided tours particularly in Cancun. Web sites such as Tropical Travel give good information about packages to Cancun for a Christmas holiday in Mexico. For those who are looking for a lively nightlife, Cancun is definitely a worthwhile location to explore. There are numerous parties and nighttime entertainment venues from which you can choose. Other activities are available to you. The bullfights at the Plaza de Toros run throughout December, or, if you are planning to keep up your exercise routine while on vacation, arrive in Cancun a bit earlier in December, and you may be able to catch the annual International Marathon that is hosted in Cancun. To slow the pace down, take a relaxing ferry cruise over to the small island, Isla de Mujeres, just off the coast of Cancun. There are cheap boat rides that will take you over to the island, which has restaurants, café's, Cuban cigars, taxi services, and more.

Mexico City

Mexico City is Mexico's capital city. The area is heavily populated, but the hustle and bustle of the city does not stop local Mexicans from celebrating the Christmas holiday in Mexico. There is a festival in Mexico City, which promises entertainment and music through the week from December 16 to December 24 in the city's centers. In the streets, you will see theatrical renditions of the nativity story. Although Mexico City may not be the typical tourist destination package trip, the city has excellent restaurants and museums. For lovers of the performing arts, there is a world-renowned ballet troupe in Mexico City and a national opera house that schedules performances throughout the Christmas holiday in Mexico.

Manzanillo And Mazatlan

These two destinations offer an array of activities for the outdoor enthusiast who is looking to plan their Christmas holiday in Mexico. Manzanillo and Mazatlan are located on the western Pacific coast of Mexico. This side of Mexico is also well known for its popular destinations, Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco. Manzanillo has an international airport in which major airlines land. In addition, going to this region for your Christmas holiday in Mexico means that you can avoid the humid weather and hurricane season from May to November in that region of Mexico. If going to the beach, fishing, and other water-based activities is how you want to spend your Christmas in Mexico, these regions promise great waters as well as an economical vacation.

Christmas Food In Mexico

Christmas food in Mexico entails the typical foods that Mexico is known for, such as tamales, but other delicious treats are Bacalao dishes which use cod fish as the main ingredient, as well as vegetarian dishes like Romerito made with a spicy mole sauce, or Ensalada de Navidad, Christmas salad. Roast beef, locally known as Carne Asada, or Turkey, referred to as Pavo, are also eaten during Christmas in Mexico. In certain regions, Tortas de Camaron, a type of bread that uses shrimp as an ingredient, is eaten. Desserts like Bunuelos, a Mexican pastry, and Flan, a caramel custard, are popular mainly during Christmas in Mexico, as well as Ponche fruit punches. Some of these punches have exotic ingredients such as red hibiscus to provide a unique flavor for your Christmas holiday in Mexico.

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