Caribbean Villas

The Caribbean islands are regarded as a sub-region of North America, composed of about 7,000 islands enclosing the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is famous for cultural images like Reggae, Rumba, Cuba's Fidel Castro, and the alluring beach. The most popular tourist islands in the Caribbean are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Caribbean also offers historic sights like the ones seen in Havana and the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean rivals the South East Asian archipelago in terms of marine diversity and marine tourism, but the islands' proximity to the United States and Europe makes it the primary haven for island beaches.

Exotic Jamaican Vacation Villa Rental

Jamaica has always been one of the most popular islands of the Caribbean. With secluded surroundings, lush forest, and majestic beachfronts, it is no wonder why Jamaica has many exclusive vacation rental villas. See jamaicantreasures.com for some exciting ideas in exotic villa rentals. If you are bringing your family or have a group trip with your peers, a Jamaican vacation villa resort is the best way to keep your party settled down as you explore the island's amazing attractions.

Tourists come to admire rental villas because these designs say so much about the character of the island. In the case of Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean islands, vacation villa rentals invite you to be cheerful, easy going, and lazy. You are expected to loosen up and let all the tension from home come out in a positive experience with the best beach and pool resorts. Vacation villas are great starting spots for all sorts of activities.

A typical Jamaican vacation villa rental resort has all the amenities needed for an all out Jamaican experience; swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball gyms, billiards, board games, cable TV, entertainment systems, mini-bars, gazebos, and a lot more. They are also staffed by friendly house help, gardeners, and local guides that will take you to the best places in and around Jamaica. These villas are just a few steps away from the beach, although some villa resorts are lined together. You can also talk to your new villa neighbors and invite them to outdoor barbeques.

A vacation villa is a perfect place to hold key function and intimate life events. Unlike hotels, you have vacation villas to yourself, and most are large enough to host a significant number of guests. Jamaican villa rentals are great for simple weddings, intimate dates with your friends, bonding with the family, and honeymoons. The secluded and quiet atmosphere that Caribbean vacation villas offer will help relieve your stress from back home.

Tips In Choosing A Caribbean Vacation Villa

The Caribbean is a wide stretch of islands where literally every piece of land is a paradise. The cheerful people, great music, relaxing atmosphere, and lazy days all come together to please unassuming visitors. However, if you want to make the most out of your time in the Caribbean, some planning needs to be done.

Clear your schedule during the peak season in the Caribbean. The peak season is from December to April where the dry summer gives you perfect days. If you want to avoid the people and high prices, you can go one month before or after the peak season. Vacation villa rental rates go through the roof during the peak season. If the weather permits and there are no hurricanes, you can book villas as early as November. The best villas quickly become occupied during the peak season, so an early reservation is essential in securing a room. Luxury villas can also become unbearable in prices when peak season goes up. If you are planning to go back to the Caribbean, you can ask locals for information on better deals so you can save money.

Know the arrangements before committing your reservation to a villa. Some villas have a house cook or an in-house restaurant, while some villas have no supplies. Consider if you want to cook mornings or not. Picture yourself having a typical day in the villa, and decide if you are comfortable with the living space. Can you move freely in the villa? Do you have any special requirements? There are Caribbean vacation villas that have everything you need, but they may not have easy access to the island's attractions

Decide on how long you are going to stay. Naturally, the length of your stay will dictate the cost of the trip, but even if cost is not a factor, you should select vacation villas that are more appropriate for your length of stay. For example, beach house villas offer the closest view to the ocean, but they have minimal efficiencies that may not last you more than a week. There are some houses that you can stay in for three days, while there are more appropriate vacation villas if you plan to stay for a month.

For more information, visit caribbeanvillahideaways.com, passportvillas.com, or villascaribe.com.

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