Villas in Florence

Florence is one of the critical centers of Italian Renaissance and one of the top hosts for tourists who love the arts. Florence is known as the Renaissance capital where great minds like Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Machiavelli, and Dante once lived. With the intellectual and creative energy still evident through the years, tourists look at its cathedrals, church, monasteries, and galleries for a glimpse of its great past.

Attractions In Florence

Florence and its nearby towns have such a multitude of attractions that you cannot possibly get to them in a few short weeks. That is why having the comfort of Florence rental villas will help you tour Florence a little longer. Most of the attractions in Florence are within walking distance from each other.

The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence. Built in 1345, this three-arched bridge crosses the historic Arno River. You can find many small shops along the old bridge.

The Campanile De Giotto is a prime example of Italian Gothic architecture. The construction of this bell tower started in 1334 and ended in 1359. The town bells are perched in a 275 feet tower, allowing them to be heard far and wide.

The Santa Maria del Fiore is Florence's most beautiful cathedral. This cathedral is also known as the Doumi di Firenze because of the huge dome regarded as an engineering marvel during the Renaissance. Even if you are not Catholic, you will find the cathedral very impressive. The Santa Croce church is a Florence landmark that reminds us of the great minds of the Renaissance. You will find the monumental tombs of Dante, Galileo, Machiavelli, and Michaelangelo in the Santa Croce. Aside from the tombs, you'll be impressed with classic architecture and majestic art pieces displayed in its walls.

Almost every inch of Florence is a tourist attraction. The age of the city shows a lot in its buildings, but these landmarks also remind us of the timeless influence of the Renaissance and the people and institutions behind it.

Luxury Villas In Florence

Touring majestic Florence takes more than a few days or weeks to complete. If you ever land in Florence, you owe it to yourself to make the most of your time here. Luxury villas in Florence provide the perfect abode for transients who want to experience the city in its fullest. The ideal Florence villa rentals should be located near the city center, or near other private villas, castles, and other landmarks. Since you can discover much of the city through leisure strolls, having a vacation villa rental near these attractions is very convenient for you and your mates.

Luxury villas in Florence come in many shapes and sizes. Some villas are perched on hills facing the city, while others are entrenched in lush forests. Unlike other accommodations, Florence rental villas give tourists the privacy suitable for romantic vacations. If you are coming to the city with a large company, you will not have a hard time finding a large Florence rental villa that can accommodate all of you. For the true Florence experience, take some time inside these majestic villa rentals.

Tips In Choosing A Florence Rental Villa

Florence luxury villas never pale in comparison with villas from other prime cities. Like other villa rentals, the architecture goes well with the charm of the city. Still, not all rental villas offer the same amenities and accessibility. Choosing the perfect rental villa comes down to your needs. Determining what you need out of a Florence rental villa will help you achieve the best Florence experience possible.

The first consideration in selecting luxury villas in Florence is your planned length of stay. Florence villa rentals usually prescribe a minimum number of days when you rent. Some villas only accept payments worth for 30 days, while others present contracts every 6 months or every year. Select among the best villas in Florence that will match your intended length of stay.

If you are planning to stay long to explore Florence and other nearby cities, you will need a car rental service. In this case, consider a Florence villa rental with a private garage. Know the amenities that you need in a Florence villa rental. If you expect guests in your villa for parties, make sure that the design can accommodate many guests. Functional considerations include the number of rooms, the size of each rooms, and perks like mini-bar and swimming pool.

Some Florence rental villas have house help that will tidy up your rooms. In addition, there are location coordinators that serve as your comprehensive guide across the city. These services come with a premium, while some offer them as a free service. Ask the villa rental attendant to enumerate the list of amenities down to the last details, so you can make the best decision in choosing a Florence rental villa.

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