Top Resorts in Barbados

Vacations are that rare time of the year when people can put their work and worries aside and spend some time just enjoying themselves. Some people consider a week or two at home without having to show up at the office a vacation, but most people want to travel. People are always looking for good places to go on vacation. They try New England or Europe and find that the climate and activities are much like what they are used to at home. What people are really looking for is somewhere exotic to spend a vacation that takes them away from their everyday and transplants them into a new exciting location and culture. Why not try an island paradise? That’s essentially what is offered to you by Barbados.

Barbados is a small island in the Western Atlantic Ocean just east of the Caribbean Sea. It is actually part of the island chain called the Lesser Antilles, with neighbors such as Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent, and Grenada. Barbados used to be a low income economy based primarily on Sugar Cane production. Since then diversification into things such as light manufacturing, financial services, and managed information technology services have helped them grow. Adding tourism into the mix has allowed the country to reach upper middle class status and is the third highest rated country in North America based on the Human Development index. Barbados is now a clean, modern island is one of the jewels of the Caribbean islands and surrounding locales. With temperatures that average 75-85 degrees in the daytime and slightly cooler in the evening, white sand beaches and light blue waters, Barbados is considered by many to be a paradise location.

What Are Some Of The Popular Resorts On Barbados?

There are many top quality resorts on the island of Barbados. There are even 10 different hotels and resorts which have received a four star rating. There are familiar corporate names and others which are exclusive to the island. Some of the more popular of these are: The Crane Residential Resort™ this is a historic cliff top resort in Barbados that rests on a 70 foot cliff overlooking a coral sand beach. Needless to say, the views from this resort are nothing short of breathtaking, there is a cliff top lap pool with a sundeck made of marble. It has its own open air restaurant as well. Suites at the Crane™ can be outfitted with full kitchens or kitchenettes, jetted bath tubs with separate shower options, and a patio or balcony with a view of either the beach or the garden, depending on the room. Another popular resort, the Hilton Barbados™ is a sight to behold. The 350 room resort hotel includes a partially restored fort from the 17th century. As it is located in a protected cove, guest will have lots of space on the beach. This Barbados Resort also features two pools for guests who prefer a more chlorinated swimming experience. The Hilton™ features a split level restaurant overlooking the pool. Rooms at this resort have views overlooking either the Caribbean Sea or Carlisle Bay. Separate tubs and showers are available, as is high speed internet within the rooms. These are two of the more popular resorts on the island, but they certainly don’t encompass the complete picture of popular resorts here. Most of the top 10 are considered to be definite return to places by many of their guests.

What Features Should You Look For In A Barbados Resort?

There are many different things to see and do at Barbados Resorts. Some of the features you should look for however are more dependent on your tastes and the type of vacation you are looking for. Many of these resorts have some form of family oriented entertainment and have offerings to suite children. Others have popular bars for when you want to turn up the nightlife. If internet in the room is a consideration, you should check with the particular resort ahead of time, though most do offer some form of connection to the internet.  The proximity to sites is another major concern. There are many sites that one would likely want to visit and different resorts are closer to different sites. Besides the beautiful beaches, there are the airports, museums, stadiums, and theaters to visit. Not to mention the shopping, this is always a popular attraction on the island.

Where Can I Find More Information Online About Barbados Resorts?

As with any vacation in the planning stages, you should do research ahead of time to ensure you get the most out of your vacation and that it plays out as smoothly as possible with not unfortunate surprises along the way. Some people still prefer to get this kind of information face to face from a travel agent; most people will do their research, and possibly the purchase of the trip itself online. There are many places to find more information on Barbados Resorts online. There are too many to list here, but some good places to start would be:


The website located at http://www.barbados.org site advertises itself as the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. It does a good job of being just that. It has information on shopping and eating on the island. It also covers the nightlife and real estate options to be found. It holds a wealth of travel information including airport information, customs and currency explanations, as well as helping to find flights and hotels for the Barbados traveler. A section of discounted travel packages is also included. For ideas on what to do once there, they outline the sights to see as well as having a section to help one create a “custom” Barbados holiday, tailored to the specific interests of the individual. Themed vacation packages are also explained and available through this site for those who enjoy that kind of continuity in their stay. This site is a must first stop when doing your research while planning a vacation to a Barbados Resort.

Where to Go in Barbados

People work hard these days. One of the things that keep them going is looking forward to their vacations. Many people get a few weeks a year where they don't have to worry about what is going on at the office or the work site and just enjoy themselves. It's a chance to unwind from the stresses of daily life in the modern world. For some, the vacation is enough just being away from the job makes feel they've had a vacation. For many though, the idea of a vacation means getting away from everything that is the norm and spending time in a faraway place where everything is different that where they are from. To many, the idea of a lush island in the Caribbean would be just what was called for. This is exactly what is offered by Barbados.

Barbados is a small island in the lesser Antilles chain that is technically in the western Atlantic Ocean, but is considered by many to be in the Caribbean as it is just east of the Caribbean sea.  A tiny speck of an island, at only 21 miles long and 7 miles wide, Barbados was actually a scheduled stop for the might Concorde intercontinental jet service until the program was discontinued. One of the retired Concorde aircraft actually still resides in the Barbados International Airport. The temperature hovers between 75 and 85 for most of the year, these perfect temperatures mixed with white coral beaches and beautiful blue waters make this a paradise year round. The island has a deeply ingrained Christian value system. Clean drinking water, excellent telecommunications, and utility coverage of the entire island make it a step up from many of the islands in the area. Barbados rated third in the 1996 United Nations quality of life poll. This was a ranking out of 160 nations beating out of all of Europe and North America. The literacy rate on the island is an impressive 97% as well. English is the primarily spoken language on the island. However, electricity doesn't follow North American standards, using a 50 Hz, 100 volt AC grid. Interestingly, surveys show that the friendliness people experience while on the island is one of the primary reasons for the very high 39% return visit level. Barbados resorts claim is that the island is indeed for everyone, offering accommodations for all income levels and interests.

What Are Some Of The Attractions On Barbados?

There are many attractions on Barbados for a wide variety of interests. One of the biggest attractions is the water sports. Diving for example, is a staple of the Barbados experience and shipwreck diving is especially popular. The island has been called the shipwreck capital of the Caribbean and its coral reefs give divers a great diversity of locales and sights to see under the water. When under the water, you will enjoy the 70-80 degree water temperature as well the amazing 80 feet of visibility under the waves. Above the sea, fishing is a staple for many of the people of Barbados and they have an annual fishing tournament which attracts world class anglers from Europe and the UK, as well North and South America. Boating is a big activity on the island as well. Not only used to get to the good locations for fishing, snorkeling, and diving, there are actually cruises which can be charted to take groups around Barbados and surrounding islands to see the many sights that the Caribbean has to offer. Water Skiing, Kite Skiing, and surfing are some of the other, though no less common waterspouts available on the island.

Why Would You Want To Go To Barbados?

There are many reasons you would want to make Barbados you travel destination of choice. The Barbados Resorts themselves offer more than many vacation destinations have in total. Even if the perfect temperature and water sports don't sway you, there is plenty to do on the land.  The events alone are out of this world. With everything from world class cricket matches, music festivals, sporting events, culinary affairs, performing arts, etc. There is no shortage of events to attend on the island. There is shortage of inland activities even if you want to avoid the crowds. Zip lining through a tropical forest, exploring ancient, water carved caves, or hiking through the flower forest in the Barbados Wildlife Reserve are just some of the adventures the island has to offer. Barbados isn't all about nature however, and it features world class shopping and cuisine to tempt even the most sophisticated palette. The Spas and Wellness centers on the island are first class as well and will appeal to many. It should be expected also, that the nightlife flourishes here. Not surprising since Barbados is the claimed birthplace of rum. The history and distilleries of rum on the island are another draw themselves, as is sampling what is quite possible the best rum in the world.

Where Are Some Places To Find More Information On Barbados?

Visit Barbados

The website located at http://www.visitbarbados.org is the official site of the Barbados Travel Authority and gives a great deal of information about the island itself as well and an extensive calendar of events happening on the island. It also gives a great description for the various activities one can find on the island. This is very helpful as it allows you to see what is available before planning your vacation so you can choose ahead of time what activities best suit your interests. The site also gives a great deal of trip planning information such as airport data, customs, currency, laws etc. Finally, they give a listing of some of the many Barbados Resorts you may wish to stay at while on your vacation. They give brief descriptions of each resort hotel as well as linking to their websites to help you find more information about the hotel such as amenities and rates, as well as any discount packages that are available.

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