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Top Resorts in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island that is located in the Caribbean Sea and lies west of the Virgin Islands and off the easterly shore of the Dominican Republic. Puerto Rico was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and at the time it was inhabited by the Tainos Arawak Indians. It was a lush and beautiful part of the world that had a lively and vibrant culture and much of this is still in evidence today.

Puerto Rico is an incredibly popular place to go on vacation and it has so much for the traveler to see and do. The climate there is fantastic and keeps a steady temperature throughout the year, which makes it an ideal destination for vacations at any time of the year. The beaches in Puerto Rico are white and sandy and there is an abundance of wildlife and natural scenery that is beyond compare.

Maybe you have decided that you would like to experience Puerto Rico for yourself and you are interested to learn the top resorts in Puerto Rico. If this is the case read on and you will find much more information on this beautiful part of the world which will help you to plan your next vacation there.

Types Of Resorts In Puerto Rico

As Puerto Rico is such an incredibly popular area for tourism there are many different types of resorts on the island. For a romantic and restful vacation couples might be interested in finding oceanfront resorts in Puerto Rico that will allow them to relax and unwind while enjoying the stunning scenery. If you are a golf fan you'll be pleased to know that there are several excellent golf resorts in Puerto Rico to enjoy. The Gran Melia Resort is one of the most popular and this draws visitors from around the world.

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more specific such as resorts in San Juan Puerto Rico. This is an area that mixes old world charm with modern vibrancy and there are many luxury resorts and hotels in this part of Puerto Rico. It is ideal for couples and families alike as there is a resort that is suitable for everyone in this part of the island.

There are also lots of family resorts in Puerto Rico that have plenty for families with younger children to do. You might want to choose a resort that has its own private beach where you can enjoy relaxation and water sports. These are well worth checking out if you have children with you as they all love to get involved with games, activities and sports that are based on the beach.

As you can see there are many different types of resorts in Puerto Rico and anyone who is interested in taking a vacation here will soon find what they are looking for. Make sure that you take your time when it comes to choosing between the different types of resorts and take a good look at all of the facilities and amenities that each one has. When you do this you will be able to make a short list of the most suitable resorts and easily find one that is right for you.

Read Reviews

One important aspect of choosing the ideal resorts in Puerto Rico is to take the time to read reviews on them. Thankfully there are plenty of review websites online that will help you to get the lowdown on the resorts that you are interested in. Make sure that you read them before you book your vacation and you will not be disappointed with the choice that you finally make.

If you are interested in staying at the Gran Melia Resort you should take a look at the reviews and photos of the resort that are on TripAdvisor: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ this is an incredibly useful website that has been helping people to take a closer look at the results that they are interested in around the world. All the reviews are written on this website are by people who have stayed at the resorts and it is a trusted way to find out more about certain places.

Where To Stay

At http://www.wheretostay.com/caribbean/puerto_rico is another helpful reviews website that rates many of the different resorts out of 5. The rating of each resort is very easy to see and you can take a closer look at each one if there is anything that is of interest to you. Should you find a resort that you would like to stay at you can also use this website to book your vacation direct.

Online Help

So if you have decided that resorts in Puerto Rico as for you here are some of the best websites to visit to start your search. As you can see there are websites that have information on luxury resorts and a website with more affordable vacations. So take a look at these and you will get a really good idea of what to expect from the top resorts in Puerto Rico that will help you to have a fantastic vacation.


The popular website located at http://www.frommers.com/destinations/puertorico/0094020430.html is an excellent website that gives you plenty of information on resorts in Puerto Rico. Many of the resorts that are listed are luxury and spa resorts which means if you are planning on a romantic vacation or simply treating yourself this is the website to visit. You might want to check into one of the many all inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico and if this is the case you will be able to find what you are looking for right here.

Luxury Resorts

The website at http://www.luxuryresorts.com/ showcases the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer. From luxury golf resorts in Puerto Rico to family resorts that are all inclusive you will be able to use this website to locate the ideal resort for you. The website itself is fantastically easy to understand and use and you can narrow down your search by clicking on the kind of vacation that you are looking for.

Affordable Tours

Located at http://resorts.affordabletours.com/Caribbean/Puerto_Rico/ is a good website to visit if you are looking for great deals to resorts in Puerto Rico. It is an easy to navigate website that is packed with help and advice on visiting this amazing island.

Where To Go In Puerto Rico

Located in the warm Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is an island that is filled with things to see and places to go which are all perfect for tourists. The main language that is spoken in Puerto Rico is English with some locals still speaking Spanish dialects from many years ago.

Puerto Rico is a wonderful mix of old and new with a hint of tropical excitement and this is evident wherever you go on the island.

Vacations in resorts in Puerto Rico are very popular and it is easy to see why. The island enjoys a tropical climate all year round and people who say they are bored in Puerto Rico clearly have not opened their eyes. In fact it doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80 you will soon find an activity or attraction that you will be keen to explore.

People who are thinking of going to Puerto Rico for their next vacation will naturally want to know more about the island. So if you want to know where to go in Puerto Rico and which are the best resorts in Puerto Rico here are some reasons to visit the island and more information on what to do there.

Reasons To Go To Puerto Rico

If you would like to know why so many people book into resorts in Puerto Rico for their vacation here are some of the main reasons that it is so well loved.

It is very close to the US - you will not have to travel very far to experience this wonderful tropical island. In fact flights that go to Puerto Rico take 4 hours from Dallas or 3 hours from New York.

There are plenty of different activities and attractions to enjoy - if you're the kind of person who wants to do as much as possible and experience everything a vacation destination had to offer, Puerto Rico is for you.

Wildlife and nature - people who love nothing more than taking in the natural scenery and seeing the wildlife of a particular country will love Puerto Rico. With literally tens of natural attractions and many different species of animals you can easily spend your entire vacation being immersed in the natural wonder of Puerto Rico.

Golf - if you are a golf lover then you will absolutely adore Puerto Rico as there are several 18 hole golf courses which have some absolutely amazing views of the rainforests and ocean. If you would like to experience golfing with a difference, Puerto Rico is the place to go.

Attractions To Enjoy

There are so many different attractions in Puerto Rico that it will be difficult to experience all of them on the one vacation. You can choose between beaches, parks, sightseeing attractions, wildlife reserves and refugees, sweeping gardens and beautiful plantations, activities and children, various historic sites and much more.

If you would like to experience a tropical rainforest you need to visit El Yunque which is just 2 hours away from San Juan. So if you are staying in resorts in San Juan Puerto Rico this is a place that is well worth taking the time to visit. While you are there you can explore the lush forest and stand underneath a powerful waterfall which is an amazing experience.

Flamenco Beach - this is a definite must for anyone who is travelling to Puerto Rico with children. This beach is absolutely magnificent and it can be found on Culebra Island. However on the island there are plenty of other beaches which are fantastic to explore and are filled with fantastic wildlife and have plenty of opportunities for diving and snorkeling.

Acampa - this is a tour that is highly recommended and takes groups of people into the rainforest. You can either opt for a fall they are half day tour and you will get to see some of the most fantastic scenery that you have ever encountered. Families and couples particularly enjoyed this tour and anyone who visits Puerto Rico should certainly have it on their to-do list.

These are just a tiny selection of the literally hundreds of different attractions that you can visit and enjoy while you are staying in resorts in Puerto Rico.

Get More Online Information

Maybe after reading all of this information you would like to find out more about Puerto Rico in order to plan your next vacation there. If this is the case here are some of the best websites that will provide you with helpful advice on this naturally beautiful part of the world. Take the time to visit these websites and others and you will soon see why Puerto Rico is one of the top vacation destinations in the world right now.

Welcome to Puerto Rico

If you visit the website located at http://www.topuertorico.org/tinfo.shtml you will find it is a very useful website that has plenty of information about the island including: the history, culture, the climate, the people and even the geography. In fact if you have any questions about this magnificent island and would like to see some amazing pictures then this is the website that you need to visit.

Escape to Puerto Rico

The information found at http://www.topuertorico.com/tour/attrmain.shtml has a very comprehensive list of the different attractions that can be found in Puerto Rico, but this is not all. You can also book your trip to Puerto Rico from this website at the same time. So if you are looking for a fantastic guide to what to do and where to go in Puerto Rico take the time to check out this website and you will not be disappointed with what you find.

Trip Advisor

The website located at http://www.tripadvisor.com/ has a massive list of things to do in Puerto Rico and includes reviews on all of them from people who have experienced them. You can easily see the rating that the different attractions get and you can even take a look at reviews of the various all inclusive resorts in Puerto Rico, golf resorts in Puerto Rico and oceanfront resorts in Puerto Rico. In fact if you want to know what anyone has to say about any tourist accommodation, attractions and more it can be found on this website.

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