Quick Secluded Getaways

Taking time to yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and out of reach of phones, e-mail, and unruly children is a great idea. Taking a few days to recharge your batteries and enjoy the peace and solitude of quick weekend getaways is important for your health and your mind. It's important to know what to look for and what questions you should ask before you travel. Knowing when, where, and how much are just a few of the questions that you'll need to answer while planning your quick getaways, since it is important to work such details out ahead of time.

Ample planning is the best way to save money on any quick cheap getaways. Quick getaways on a budget are easy to find. It's all just a matter of knowing where to look, when to travel, and most importantly what not to do. There are a great many ideas on the best ways to travel on a budget, and quick weekend getaways are as easy as pie.

Top Destinations

When you're looking for quick weekend getaways, there are a great many options that can help you find the trip you want at a price you can afford. You should always take the time to research all your options before you book.

Many of the best places for taking quick weekend getaways are among the most popular vacation destinations in the country. Cities like Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina offer a great many inexpensive options, especially during the off-season. The problem with major resorts is that they are often extremely crowded and don't provide the seclusion that many travelers seek.

The best bet for enjoying a secluded vacation destination is to consider renting a house or condo. Many of the houses for rent are on private beaches that aren't open to the public, or are otherwise set away from the hustle of the larger resorts. For homes in mountain resorts, such as Gatlinburg, the private rental residences are often set on their own acreage, meaning that they are very secluded.

Quick cheap getaways aren't difficult to find, but they do require some research. As a budget traveler, you'll be best equipped to use the Internet to find the prices and destinations that suit you the best. Try using websites that allow you to bid on unused hotel rooms or rentals. If you're only traveling a few hours from home, you should avoid package deals that offer extras like car rentals and drive yourself.

For quick weekend getaways, choose destinations that are less than 4 hours from your home. That way you'll be familiar with the area and won't have to worry about buying a plane ticket. You'll be able to make the drive easily, likely without stopping, which translates to more time spent at your secluded destinations.

What To Look For

You should always look for resorts near you that are in their off-peak season. For a ski resort, try visiting in the spring or fall. You won't be able to ski, but you'll enjoy unimpeded mountain views and excellent amenities. Since there will be fewer guests, you'll likely be able to negotiate a room upgrade. Many mountain resorts offer secluded guest cabins, often at very high prices. By visiting during the off-peak season, you may be able to ask for an upgrade to a secluded cabin without having to pay the extra money for it. During off-peak times, resorts are often willing to make extreme concessions in order to fill their rooms.

Try state parks, as well. Across the United States, there are hundreds of state parks, many of which have beautiful views, secluded cabins, and walking and horseback riding trails. These parks receive their operating funds largely from the state government, and are able to offer excellent prices. They offer great food, wonderful atmosphere, and a great many amenities as well. Many state parks have lakes on which boats can be rented, allowing you to get away from the shore and enjoy time away from civilization.

Where To Find Them

Common sense goes a long way toward helping you find the quick cheap getaways you're looking for. If, for example, it's the middle of summer or fall, you should be able to find great rates at a ski resort. If it's winter, try visiting a local state park or resort area that specializes in water-based activities. You won't be able to get the full use of the resort's facilities, but you'll be able to enjoy the one-on-one treatment that comes from a nearly empty resort that is still full of employees.

Websites such as kayak.com© and priceline.com© both offer excellent opportunities to find off-peak rentals. If you're looking for a secluded cabin or rental house to keep for a weekend, visit websites such as choice1.com© or locogringo.com©. These websites all allow you to pick the area you're looking for and will show you the lodging options. The latter two will show you pictures of rental homes and provide the contact information for the owners.

Traveling on a budget doesn't have to mean sacrificing fun or luxury. Knowing tricks such as booking during off-peak times of the year, or taking “repositioning cruises” that cruise-ship operators offer is a great way to spend less while having a great experience. Repositioning cruises are great options, since they are typically longer in duration while being as much as 75 percent cheaper than a standard cruise. 14 to 21 day cruises are available for low prices during times of the year when cruise lines transfer their ships from one port to another. These cruises are typically sparsely booked, since most people don't know about them. They are like having a cruise ship and its staff all to yourself.

Regardless where you decide to spend your time, you should always make sure that you aren't sacrificing a major feature of your trip just to save money. Quick cheap getaways don't have to mean that you give up quality. Try to read as many customer reviews as possible before using any website or booking any trip.

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